Chapter 2: I’m different, but I’m not special.

It was Monday morning, a breeze of fresh air flew in my room, whispering to me on my lightly tanned skin. I quickly hopped out of bed, thinking it was a vampire attack. Sadly, it wasn’t. I had a strategy for keeping myself alert while I’m sleeping. Just in case for emergencies, like vampire attacks…

I sighed then got dressed in my usual black tight fitting t shirt, black jeans and a thin silky black vest. Okay, I’m a goth. Is there a problem? I wasn’t emo or anything, i just liked the darkness, I lived for it. I quickly brushed through and swung my sleek black hair over my shoulder. I flew down the stairs knowing I would find my mom preparing breakfast and my dad playing pool on his phone.

I rushed my breakfast and clumsily packed my bag for school. I read while I waited for 8:20 when my best friend comes and walks with me to school. The doorbell rang and Cooper, the family dog ran across the house looking at the front door. I peered outside spotting Ava on the doorsteps. I thrusted my bag over my shoulder and opened the garage door. I flashed my signature crooked grin to Ava, and she smiled back radiantly.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 2: I’m different, but I’m not special.

  1. Adshayah says:

    Yay. I am Ava, right?

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