Chapter 3: I’m different, but I’m not special.

Can school get crazier than this? New guy at school, fell asleep in class, got in trouble for that, Internet got cut off in the school and oh my god…The new guy is just like me. I saw him at his new locker, facing towards the principle. His name is Onyx Blackrose, the same age as me and he wears all black. I saw him at his locker, smiling at the people who’ve been speaking to him. I’ve been waiting for 2 periods until I can to talk to this new guy. Who was this new guy?
In classes, I spaced out as usual and thought about the drawing I always made. I sketched all my friends and even celebrities. I would sketch him one day. I would try to mirror the stunning dusky black hair, the sharp ice blue eyes, angular features and his finely carved face. He was the Prince Charming I always dreamed about. He was like a gothic angel, charmed with magic in his eyes and his dazzling smile. But, I still don’t know him really so I know that I shouldn’t be so charmed by his looks. He could be an angel on the outside, but a demon on the inside.
I confessed everything to my friends Ashley, Ava, Jen and Adeline.
“Iris, you don’t even know him,” Ashley said as her shimmering jade green eyes filled with concern.
“Then it’s a perfect way to get to know him,” I countered back, flashing them a crooked grin.
“Just please don’t get in trouble and we heard strange things happening around the neighbourhood since he arrived, so be careful,” Ava warned.
“Okay, fine. See you guys later,” waving to them as I walked away. I knew they were right but, I wanted to meet this intriguing and mysterious guy.
When break started, I searched for him. I spotted his charcoal clothes and caught him staring at me.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 3: I’m different, but I’m not special.

  1. Mahnoor says:

    You’re so good at making stories. You should be an author

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