Chapter 4: I’m different, but I’m not special.

Ok, even if there’s a pretty good looking guy staring at you, it’s still creepy. He noticed that I caught him staring, he smiled. He had a dazzling smile, a girl could fall for him in a split second. Then, I noticed two sharp points at the end of two teeth. I blinked again, they were gone. Must’ve been daydreaming… I thought to myself. We both started to walk to each other and he reached over offering his hand. I shoved it away.
“Why were you staring at me?” I demanded a little harshly.
“Forgive me for staring but you are quite charming. My name is Onyx Blackrose. May I ask what is yours?” He asked quite politely despite my earlier attitude.
“My name is Iris Simon. So, you’re the new kid, do you have any questions about this school and neighbourhood?” I asked.
“You’re quite unique, you know that Iris? At first, you demanded an explanation why I was staring because you’re absolutely stunning then you’re all polite on my arrival here? May I ask why?” He asked.
Good question, never did I thought that he would ask me why. I thought to myself. I sighed. Then I just realized something.
“WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT ME?” I screamed. It was a wonder nobody looked this way.
“I said that you’re stunning. Beautiful.” He said with arrogance and he smiled.
I blushed wildly, thinking to myself nobody called me beautiful before. Especially not in the 10 minutes I’ve known that person. I chastised myself saying that flattery is from arrogant jerks. But still, who is he really?


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