Chapter 5: I’m different, but I’m not special.

His ice blue eyes shone with amusement as I scowled at him. How intriguing yet annoying this guy could be? He smiled at me affectionately and I avoided eye contact. He took my soft hand and ran his hand lovingly across mine. He gently held my hand to his face and brushed his lips against it delicately. I felt an electric shock in my nerves as he did so, I blushed again refusing what I actually wanted to do. Which was yank my hand back from his grasp. Ugh, hold yourself together, I thought to myself. One side of me was telling me… ARE YOU INSANE, YOU DON’T KNOW THIS GUY AND FOR ALL YOU KNOW HE DOES THIS TO EVERY GIRL HE SEES! The other side was telling me, he’s so sweet! Kiss him! In the end, I didn’t do anything. After he kissed my hand, he reached into his jacket pocket and brought out a pen to write his number down right there. The tip of the pen ran swiftly against the back of my hand just like his movements.
“Give me a call,” Onyx said with a wink. I grimaced, but acknowledged it.
He turned his back towards me and walked away. My lips curled in disdain. I just stood there barely moving. When I could finally start to move, I glanced at my hand. His handwriting was curly and elegant. The pen’s ink was blood red.


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