Chapter 6: I’m different, but I’m not special.

Okay, I decided to call him. I was just curious, like always. It was a pretty hard decision to make, I was walking around in circles in my room and hastily told everything to my friends on the phone. They all sighed and said “just do it.” Except for Jen which said he may be a stalker and screamed at me for thinking that I actually even considered that I should do it. Doing exactly what she said not to, I snatched the phone up from my desk and dialled his phone number following the back of my hand.
“Hello?” said a familiar voice. The phone jumped out of my hand since I was so distracted thinking what I should say.
“Hey, it’s Iris,” I replied back quickly.
“I see you made the decision of calling me, Iris. Thought it would take longer than 3 hours. May I ask you to come over at my place around… Now?” he asked with merriment.
Should I go? The dangers of going? Didn’t think about that much when I just said “Okay, I’ll come. Where?” I asked.
“The forsaken mansion is where I live, it’s a beauty,” he said.
The forsaken mansion was thought to be haunted around here, nobody lived there for 50 years, the owner died in that house so nobody dares to buy or knock down the forsaken mansion which thought to be extremely scary according to the stereotypes around here.
“Got it, Onyx. I’ll be there in 10.” I said quickly as I hung up the phone and rushed downstairs.
“Daddy, I’m going out. I’m going to borrow the car,” I shouted out as I flew downstairs.
“Ok, come home by 10,” my dad replied back.
As I backed out of the driveway, I kept thinking that should I even go? What would happen?


One thought on “Chapter 6: I’m different, but I’m not special.

  1. Adshayah says:

    I love this! The suspense!

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