Chapter 7: I’m different, but I’m not special.

As I drove to Onyx’s house, night began to fall. It became a beautiful twilight with ravens soaring through the magical sky. The slightest tinge of blue, purple, pink flowing and mixing into the dabs of golden from the sun. Absolutely magical. I saw the forsaken mansion towering over the other houses from our small city. The forsaken mansion was up a small hill, it looked lonely all by itself sitting at the top. I placed my dad’s SUV right beside the Mercedes that was parked at the stone driveway. I reached up to the door and knocked it since there was no doorbell. I quickly used my long bony fingers and ran through my hair to smooth it out.
“Hey, come inside and I’ll give you a tour,”Onyx said after he swung the grand door open.
“Okay,” I replied as he took my hand gently to pull me up into the house from a gigantic step. I flinched from his grasp and almost fell back from the steep steps. He quickly grabbed me by my arm to support my balance and pulled me inside.
“Are you okay?” He asked with worry.
“Yeah, I’m okay,” I replied back.
After a short pause, he gazed into my amethyst eyes and he finally said something.
“I know what you’re thinking. You don’t have to do that every time I touch you by the hand, you know. I don’t bite…” He said.
“I’m okay, thanks for stopping me from falling from your totally safe stairs,” I said with exaggeration.
“Your welcome, and this is my house,” he said while holding my hand out to emphasize the size of the dark mansion.


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