Chapter 10: I’m different, but I’m not special.

I woke up from my scream from those gruesome nightmares. My room was pitch black with a sliver of my window open. The curtains blew left and right while the wind was whispering to me in my ear. My forehead was sticky from sweat and I was grasping for air. In my nightmares, I saw ghosts. I knew they were ghosts because when I looked towards my dress table where my mirror was, they weren’t there. They had a like a glowing aura outlining they’re body parts. They were surrounding me with ghastly faces, crowding me with those eyes in awe or the evil looking smirks staring at me. Then, I had a lurch in my stomach like I was about to hurl. The pain was inevitable, unpredictably painful. Like someone was punching me. Hard. I trembled with fear as I repeated myself saying it isn’t real, it isn’t real. I slowly crept back in my bed and concentrated on sleep. I tossed and turned but the more I concentrated, I had the same lurch in my stomach. I opened my eyes and I saw what I saw in my nightmares. The same exact ghosts. That’s when it realized, I wasn’t dreaming.

I gasped as I started to realize the truth. How can it be possible that I could see spirits just as i dreamed to? It took me a few moments as I returned back to my normal state from my awe. The more I concentrated on something, I would see them. When I relaxed myself and took deep breaths, they were all gone. Also, I felt that the lurch in my stomach was a sign of a spirits’ presence. For about an hour I practiced how to learn to see them. This didn’t happen until tonight. This felt so strange yet peculiar. I was so confused. I never had this ability until now. I tried to speak to them but instead of replying, they just opened their mouth like they were about to but shortly closed it and disappeared. I was tired from concentrating so I quickly went back to bed and dozed off.


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