Chapter 11: I’m different, but I’m not special.

I woke up startled when I found them glaring at me. I yelped in surprise when I first started to flutter open my eyes. I quickly blinked them away and took deep breaths.
“What’s wrong?” asked my concerned parents as they shouted from downstairs.
“Umm… I thought there was a spider,” I lied.
I sighed and got ready for school once again. I wondered about how I even could see them, I was so confused. How did it happen? Why did I even get this power? I hastily ate my breakfast without actually tasting it and walked to school with Ava. Ava was my best friend, I told her almost everything. She told me almost everything possible to tell me. I instantly decided to just tell her before I changed my mind. She was speaking to me but I wasn’t really listening, she said something about bears.
“Ava, I have something to tell you,” I said interrupting her wise words.
“Okay…” She replied back with a frown.
That’s when I started to think about the consequences of telling her, she might think I’m lying. Or something unpleasant.
“I held Onyx’s hand yesterday,” I said anxiously as I lied. Well, technically I didn’t lie but that wasn’t what I was planning on saying.
“Oh. My. Freaking. God.” She said nervously as she glared at me with her distinctive emerald green eyes.
Yup, definitely a reaction here, I thought to myself as I grinned.


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