Chapter 12: I’m different, but I’m not special.

Ava’s eyes filled with shock and concern, she gasped as she laid one of her slim hands over her mouth.
“How, may I ask?” She asked after a long pause.
“Well, umm… It started like this,” I said as I launched into my story.
There were the gasps and glares from Jen and Ashley as I told my story, again.
“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” Jen and Ashley shouted angrily which earned us a few stares from the students passing by. Jen’s brilliant teal eyes filled with anger and despair.
“Could you be louder?” I said quietly to Jen’s outburst. She roared again as Ashley gave her a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder.
“Umm… Umm…” I stuttered as I grasped for the right answer in my head.
“Oh my god, why Iris, why? Jen is right, Iris. YOU’VE ONLY KNEW HIM FOR LESS THAN A DAY!” Ashley said as she gripped my shoulders not too gentle. Her jade green eyes shown as she gave me a hard stare and frowned.
I bit my lip, and started to speak but the school bell interrupted me.
“He’s the one, I know it’s him,” I muttered meticulously after a short pause.
“What if it’s not? We’re just trying to look out for you,” Jen said as her expression darkened.
“You know what?” Ashley said and then whispered into Jen’s ear.
“What? What?” I asked continuously as they nodded to each other. I groaned at their secretive conversation.
“You’ll see,” Ashley and Jen said in unison as they flashed me an evil smile.
I gave them a puzzled look as we entered our crappy school.


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