Chapter 13: I’m different, but I’m not special.

“Excuse me, Iris right?” A guy said as he tapped my shoulder. I turned around and found myself looking at an unknown face at school. He had sparkling amber eyes and other sharp features. He wore a grey graphic t shirt that fit him just perfectly to show all his biceps and triceps. He was about a few inches taller than me. Cute, I guess.
“Yeah, who are you exactly?” I said. I was originally going to say
“What do you want from me?” but he was being polite so might as well go with it.
“My name is Javier Diamondfire, and I was asking if you know an alluring girl named, Adeline?” He asked politely.
“Yeah, she’s my best friend. Why’d you ask?” I asked as I raised an eyebrow.
“Do you think I should, ask her out?” He said anxiously. Okay, by now I would be bursting out laughing because he could’ve just did it. Then I realized I didn’t know him and should probably do a second take. He better be good for her. I also realized he was that clueless so I just went along with it.
“She’ll be happy to say yes,” I said with a crooked grin. I guess his sparkling amber eyes were a nice contrast to her electric blue eyes. He smiled back and said his thank you and shortly walked away.
I wanted to spend the rest of the time of break in the school to avoid the sun from being tanned. I walked down the hall and I heard voices, very familiar voices. I walked backwards to listen and realized it was Ashley’s voice.
“WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU TRY TO KISS HER THE DAY YOU GUYS MET?” Ashley shouted angrily. Then I realized she was talking to Onyx. Before he could say anything back, Jen interrupted him. “ARE YOU A STALKER?”
I took a deep breath and did a face palm as I walked towards them.


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