Chapter 16: I’m different, but I’m not special.

“Just because yesterday I was chillin’ at my badminton tournament, doesn’t mean you can bring a girl over anytime you want, and… Did you eat all the pie? If you did, you better buy some more. I. Need. Pie,” she said as she pointed a finger to Onyx’s chest.
“Relax, Sapphire. In the cooler that’s in the trunk. Look for it yourself. And I can bring a girl anytime I want, if she’s my girlfriend,” he said as he glared at her.
“Hey, who said I was your girlfriend?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Never mind, Iris. Why don’t we go back inside while Sapphire wolfs down the pie?” He said as he moved aside for me to come in.
“Iris, you like anime?” She asked politely this time.
“Yeah, I do, watch it all the time,” I replied back.
“Sword art online, DBZ or attack on Titan?” She asked.
“All and kingdom hearts,” I said with a grin. She surprised me with her interest of anime.
“Enough with anime talk, Iris, let’s go to my room and Sapphire you can come too,” he said with hesitation as he dragged me to the stairs. That’s when I saw a bat, it flew past us and landed on one of the candelabras. I shrieked and stride across the room to see it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Onyx grin and reached for me.


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