Chapter 18: I’m different, but I’m not special.

“Hey, sorry about that. We didn’t check the attic when we were looking at the house…” Onyx mumbled nervously. 

 “No, it’s okay, I like bats. They’re different from many creatures,” I said. 

 Onyx is over thinking this, I’m fine. There was an awkward silence between us for a moment and I hesitated with speaking. I turned away from Onyx’s face and glanced towards the windows, it was dusk. The glimpse of light shone through the clear windows, it reminded me of Sapphire. Her eyes bright yet deep, the sparkling colour of sapphires, like the shining light in the dark. While Onyx’s crystal blue eyes, clear and crisp. As if, I could see through his eyes. I wondered what their parents looked like, attractive and stunning, like both siblings. 

“Do you want to stay, or should I drive you back home or something?” Onyx said a few minutes later.

“Actually, I want to go home, my parents will be worrying soon,” I said shortly. I knew my parents wouldn’t worry, they trust me. I wanted to go home and clear my mind. It has been a little overwhelming. There was still a pile of homework waiting at home, I seriously wonder how Onyx does it. 

He guided me to a sleek black matte car, picked up his dangling keys from is pocket, and started to drive me home. I looked at the evening sky and began to glance toward Onyx. I stared into the eyes of Onyx’s. Analyzing every inch of him, trying for him not to notice. I knew he saw me looking at him, he had a twisted smile, mischievous as ever.


Chapter 17: I’m different, but I’m not special.

I was dragged out by Onyx and into an empty room because he said the bat wasn’t safe and he would call someone. Oh, ‘call someone’. I’m not a prim little girl, It is, just a bat. Maybe I’m overreacting. He did put me in a separate room so I would be safe. I sighed and realized that the living room was just outside of this room. I could peek and eavesdrop on what they are saying. I tip toed to the door and opened a sliver of the door and peeked. 

“Dude, how did it escape?” Sapphire said. Her hands were stuffed into her sweater pockets as she wiggled in a chair.

“I don’t know, I kept it in the attic. I swear I sealed the opening shut,” Onyx said.

 What the hell? He kept the bat in the attic…? It was his pet? 

“Well, your mistake. Good luck with explaining that to your girlfriend,” she said and she turned away and grabbed the bat quickly so it wouldn’t escape.

She stride forward and stomped up the stairs. Onyx sighed and he reached towards the room I was in. I hurriedly closed the door silently and rushed to the couch as he opened the door.

The vision

I closed my eyes
I clenched my fists
Deep heavy breathing
That’s all it would take
To one step to the future
In a flash of light
I wasn’t there anymore
I was kneeling on a wet pavement
The skin on my knees were scraped and torn
My hands were covered with blood
As if it was submerged in it
Tears streaming down my face
As the light struck down upon me
My tear streaked face shone
While my heart was dark and destroyed
The aura lit around me
The colour of black
Blood poured out of my heart,
Until there was none left to spare
Like a thousand daggers pierced into my skin
Until all that was left was an empty dark hole
One last tear fallen from my eyes
Splashing on the cold hard ground
As I closed my eyes and I was back
I was shocked and horrified
Then all I saw was darkness

My tears hold my fears

Everyday is agony
Nobody there
Just the voice of my own
The painful memories that haunt me
The whispering words of hate growing louder and louder
Thrumming in my ears
Everyday I open my eyes
Hoping for the acrimony to disappear
How stupid I am to think that it would work
I close my hands into fists
Closing my eyes
Listening to the raindrops
Burst into a million more and roll away
Glaring at the bright sun
Hating it for being so bright
Wishing for the wind to blow me away from this world
Thinking that the ice will freeze me to death
For the pain to shatter into pieces
And I’ll be free

“Do not judge people by the scriptures of their faith or the scars from their past, embrace them by the content of their hearts.”