Chapter 18: I’m different, but I’m not special.

“Hey, sorry about that. We didn’t check the attic when we were looking at the house…” Onyx mumbled nervously. 

 “No, it’s okay, I like bats. They’re different from many creatures,” I said. 

 Onyx is over thinking this, I’m fine. There was an awkward silence between us for a moment and I hesitated with speaking. I turned away from Onyx’s face and glanced towards the windows, it was dusk. The glimpse of light shone through the clear windows, it reminded me of Sapphire. Her eyes bright yet deep, the sparkling colour of sapphires, like the shining light in the dark. While Onyx’s crystal blue eyes, clear and crisp. As if, I could see through his eyes. I wondered what their parents looked like, attractive and stunning, like both siblings. 

“Do you want to stay, or should I drive you back home or something?” Onyx said a few minutes later.

“Actually, I want to go home, my parents will be worrying soon,” I said shortly. I knew my parents wouldn’t worry, they trust me. I wanted to go home and clear my mind. It has been a little overwhelming. There was still a pile of homework waiting at home, I seriously wonder how Onyx does it. 

He guided me to a sleek black matte car, picked up his dangling keys from is pocket, and started to drive me home. I looked at the evening sky and began to glance toward Onyx. I stared into the eyes of Onyx’s. Analyzing every inch of him, trying for him not to notice. I knew he saw me looking at him, he had a twisted smile, mischievous as ever.


Chapter 17: I’m different, but I’m not special.

I was dragged out by Onyx and into an empty room because he said the bat wasn’t safe and he would call someone. Oh, ‘call someone’. I’m not a prim little girl, It is, just a bat. Maybe I’m overreacting. He did put me in a separate room so I would be safe. I sighed and realized that the living room was just outside of this room. I could peek and eavesdrop on what they are saying. I tip toed to the door and opened a sliver of the door and peeked. 

“Dude, how did it escape?” Sapphire said. Her hands were stuffed into her sweater pockets as she wiggled in a chair.

“I don’t know, I kept it in the attic. I swear I sealed the opening shut,” Onyx said.

 What the hell? He kept the bat in the attic…? It was his pet? 

“Well, your mistake. Good luck with explaining that to your girlfriend,” she said and she turned away and grabbed the bat quickly so it wouldn’t escape.

She stride forward and stomped up the stairs. Onyx sighed and he reached towards the room I was in. I hurriedly closed the door silently and rushed to the couch as he opened the door.

Chapter 16: I’m different, but I’m not special.

“Just because yesterday I was chillin’ at my badminton tournament, doesn’t mean you can bring a girl over anytime you want, and… Did you eat all the pie? If you did, you better buy some more. I. Need. Pie,” she said as she pointed a finger to Onyx’s chest.
“Relax, Sapphire. In the cooler that’s in the trunk. Look for it yourself. And I can bring a girl anytime I want, if she’s my girlfriend,” he said as he glared at her.
“Hey, who said I was your girlfriend?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Never mind, Iris. Why don’t we go back inside while Sapphire wolfs down the pie?” He said as he moved aside for me to come in.
“Iris, you like anime?” She asked politely this time.
“Yeah, I do, watch it all the time,” I replied back.
“Sword art online, DBZ or attack on Titan?” She asked.
“All and kingdom hearts,” I said with a grin. She surprised me with her interest of anime.
“Enough with anime talk, Iris, let’s go to my room and Sapphire you can come too,” he said with hesitation as he dragged me to the stairs. That’s when I saw a bat, it flew past us and landed on one of the candelabras. I shrieked and stride across the room to see it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Onyx grin and reached for me.

Chapter 15: I’m different, but I’m not special.

“Nice friends you have there, we should be getting along fine,” Onyx said sarcastically.
“Haha, very funny. Apparently they were ‘looking out for me’,” I said as I rolled my eyes.
“It’s fine. Want to come over now?” He asked as he wrapped an arm around my slender waist. I flicked his arm away, and shook my head.
“Not now, there’s loads of people around us when it’s after school,” I said as I looked around.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” he said as he pulled a few strands of my hair to the back of ear and took my hand to his car. He glanced around for his Mercedes and led me to the car door. We hopped into the seat and he started to drive.
“Don’t kill me while you’re at it,” I said with a chuckle.
“I promise you I will,” he said as we both laughed. The ride took about 15 minutes and I admired the wondrous clouds hovering in the sky. It was quite a sight. He pulled into the driveway and we stepped out of the car. I jumped backwards when the grand door quickly swung open and a pretty girl stood at the door. She had thick chocolate cherry hair pulled into a ponytail, with ravishing and striking sapphire blue eyes. She had a slim figure but wore a casual sweater and sweatpants. She was really pretty.
“You brought a girl over?” the girl asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Iris, this is my fraternal twin, Sapphire,” Onyx introduced.
“Hey, Sapphire Blackrose,” she said as she held out her out hand to me.
“Iris Simon,” I said as I returned her gesture.

Chapter 14: I’m different, but I’m not special.

“So sorry, Onyx. I’ll talk to you later but will you excuse me for one second?” I said to Onyx while I yanked Jen’s and Ashley’s arms away from him.
“What is wrong with you? Oh my god, that was so embarrassing,” I said with frustration once we were out of Onyx’s earshot.
“We were looking out for you.” Jen said like it was obvious.
“Okay, I’m flattered that you guys are looking out for me, I appreciate it. But please don’t do that again,” I pleaded. Then, I saw Ava and Adeline rushing to us. Ava was dragging Adeline like she didn’t want to go.
“GUESS WHAT? GUESS WHAT? OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” Ava screamed with excitement, while Adeline was rolling her eyes.
“What?” Everybody else said to Ava.
“ADELINE GOT ASKED OUT!!!” Ava grabbed our arms and jumped and screamed with her widened eyes full of joy. I guess he made the move soon, I thought with a smirk. Ashley and Jen gasped and gawked at Adeline.
“Javier Diamondfire?” I asked with a sneer at Adeline.
“How did you kn-o-w?” Adeline asked curiously.
“Earlier, he asked me if I knew you and asked me if he should ask you out. I said sure, she’ll probably say yes,” I said.
In my mind, I knew she would’ve went online and be like a stalker and know everything about him before she said yes to the date.
“I said yes, he was pretty hot,” she said as she beamed at the thought of him. We all rolled our eyes.

Chapter 13: I’m different, but I’m not special.

“Excuse me, Iris right?” A guy said as he tapped my shoulder. I turned around and found myself looking at an unknown face at school. He had sparkling amber eyes and other sharp features. He wore a grey graphic t shirt that fit him just perfectly to show all his biceps and triceps. He was about a few inches taller than me. Cute, I guess.
“Yeah, who are you exactly?” I said. I was originally going to say
“What do you want from me?” but he was being polite so might as well go with it.
“My name is Javier Diamondfire, and I was asking if you know an alluring girl named, Adeline?” He asked politely.
“Yeah, she’s my best friend. Why’d you ask?” I asked as I raised an eyebrow.
“Do you think I should, ask her out?” He said anxiously. Okay, by now I would be bursting out laughing because he could’ve just did it. Then I realized I didn’t know him and should probably do a second take. He better be good for her. I also realized he was that clueless so I just went along with it.
“She’ll be happy to say yes,” I said with a crooked grin. I guess his sparkling amber eyes were a nice contrast to her electric blue eyes. He smiled back and said his thank you and shortly walked away.
I wanted to spend the rest of the time of break in the school to avoid the sun from being tanned. I walked down the hall and I heard voices, very familiar voices. I walked backwards to listen and realized it was Ashley’s voice.
“WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU TRY TO KISS HER THE DAY YOU GUYS MET?” Ashley shouted angrily. Then I realized she was talking to Onyx. Before he could say anything back, Jen interrupted him. “ARE YOU A STALKER?”
I took a deep breath and did a face palm as I walked towards them.