Michelle Phan

I haven’t done post in a long time so here it is. If you don’t know who Michelle Phan is, you will find out shortly. She is my absolute role model and the most inspiring people I can think of. She is a YouTuber, a makeup artist and the founder of a cosmetics company called “em michelle phan”. She started to make YouTube videos on makeup and makeup transformations into different people. She started to get more and more subscribers in the last 7 years on YouTube and earned money out of it. She is known worldwide and she’s taught me so many things in the past 3 years I’ve watched in her videos. She is such a great person to begin with and she shines inside and out. I may not know her personally but her videos taught me how to live my life. She is absolutely inspiring and I love her. Michelle Phan is a dreamer and we are all proud to be one.

Here are a few links where you can find her:



And this is Michelle Phan:



Virtual Blog Tour- The dreamers in the world

Okay, readers of my blog, I have some exciting news. Apparently, I got featured in the Virtual Blog Tour aka VBT. I really need to thank Original-Dante for featuring me in this because there are many many bloggers in this big world that are truly more prodigious and yet, he picked the 11 year old girl who started writing pieces a year ago. He has such amazing poems and writes posts that really stands out and it really speaks to the reader. It is so unique and I absolutely love reading his posts so definitely check out http://originaldante.wordpress.com/

Drumroll, please. Here are the 3 bloggers that I, myself will be featuring for the VBT. Okay, let’s get started.

Adshayah’s blog: Her blog, is indescribable. More than any blogger that I know, Adshayah should really get featured. Aside from being a good friend, her writing is very creative and fun. Her posts can be from poems to worldwide news. She is certainly talented and she truly inspires me to write. http://adshayah151.wordpress.com/

Mahnoor’s blog: You lost the love of your life? Boy, can you relate to this blog. Her blog is all about love poems. The poems has all her feelings mixed into it so it’s very real. She feels very passionate about spoken word poems and her thoughts on love, so click that link below if you’re interested. http://mahnoor3.wordpress.com

Maathurya’s Blog: Her blog really shows how fun writing is, her quotes definitely teach everyone something that they should know. Her blog can guide you through life and inspire. In her blog, she teaches you how to live your life in the best way without directly saying it to you. I think she deserves to get featured in the VBT. http://maadhu4.blog.com

Time for questions, that I have to answer. I really hope this isn’t too long to read.

1.What am I working on? Right now, I’m working on a book called “I’m different, but I’m not special.” This book actually is based on me and the way I feel and think. Just to be clear, it’s based on me not is about my life. I started this book because I really wanted to express my own feelings into a book and make it unique. Something different. The genres are fantasy, romance and thriller. I’m also trying to get inspired by things around me and put it into poems.

2. How does my work differ from others from its genre? I think that everyone writes differently because we think differently. It effects our judgement and my work is different one reason is because In my writing, it’s like a fantasy to me. I could write whatever I want, it’s my fantasy world in my writing. What’s deep deep inside of my heart, is what I put on my blog. The way I hear things, how I see things, how I feel. That’s why I think my work is different.

3. Why do I write/create what I do? I write because it exercises my vivid imagination. Everybody has a way to express their feelings, whether it’s art, music, writing, knowledge… etc. Mine is in writing. When I write, I’m not mentally in wherever I’m writing. I hope that makes sense. I’m in a fantasy of what I dream to have. I get to be who I want, what I want, where I am, what I feel. It’s my fantasy and I love it.

4. How does your writing creative process work? I write what comes to mind. Not very exciting but when it pops up in my mind, I don’t wait a second to write it down. Small details can bring out the story, I figure out the ‘big idea’ first and come up with breathtaking details to make it unique.

That’s it for my VBT, hope I didn’t bore you out with such a long post but this took an hour to write this so I hope you enjoyed reading about my writing and make sure to click on the links of the blogs I featured and Original-Dante. If you like my blog, I’m sure you’ll like theirs. That’s it for now. Good luck.