Chapter 8: I’m different, but I’m not special.

I’ve never seen the inside of the forsaken mansion, not many others did either. Maybe because nobody wanted to. I was awed at the appearance of the mansion, they redecorated more than I expected. It had high ceilings, black patterned wallpaper, small cobwebs in the corners, black classy furniture and it had lighting in the mansion that felt like the moonlight was shining down upon us with dimly lit candles.
“What do you think?” He asked politely.
“It’s beautiful, it’s like my dream house. All the black is so stylish and elegant.” I said as my eyes shone with excitement.
His icy blue eyes lit up in the dim lighting and led me to other beautiful rooms.
“And this is my room.” He announced as he pushed the door open with his back. I peered at the dark room, mahogany hardwood floors with a matching bed, several antiques for decoration on his clean desk and black curtains. His room was so clean and modern compared to the ancient mansion.
“Come and sit on the bed, make yourself comfortable.” He said as he gestured towards his tidy bed. I sat down and splayed my fingers across his arm. He reached down towards my hair and combed through the sleek strands. Then, he smiled at me. So I flashed him a crooked grin. I may not know him very well but something always drew me towards him.
“Who are you Onyx Blackrose? I already know that you’re arrogant and charming but who are you really?” I asked awkwardly. He gazed into my eyes for a long moment and something lit up in his eyes. There was colourful swirls and patterns that filled his eyes. I shook my head and blinked again to clear my vision. I need glasses, I thought to myself.
“You’ll see.” He said suddenly as he grinned at me.


The bird of the night

The glossy black feathers
Brushing against the fierce wind
The sharp angular features,
The intensity of its eyes
To gaze and glare.
The slight curve in its beak
To slash and attack its prey.
The elegant wings
Blending into the dead of the night.
Soaring through the sky
Into the mysterious twilight.