The vision

I closed my eyes
I clenched my fists
Deep heavy breathing
That’s all it would take
To one step to the future
In a flash of light
I wasn’t there anymore
I was kneeling on a wet pavement
The skin on my knees were scraped and torn
My hands were covered with blood
As if it was submerged in it
Tears streaming down my face
As the light struck down upon me
My tear streaked face shone
While my heart was dark and destroyed
The aura lit around me
The colour of black
Blood poured out of my heart,
Until there was none left to spare
Like a thousand daggers pierced into my skin
Until all that was left was an empty dark hole
One last tear fallen from my eyes
Splashing on the cold hard ground
As I closed my eyes and I was back
I was shocked and horrified
Then all I saw was darkness